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Sentra Print Strikes Gold in 3 Categories

At the 2011 Pride in Print Printing Excellence Awards, Sentra Print won Gold medals in three categories plus a Highly Commended in another. The awards, which are judged by experts from the Printing and associated industries, were an acknowledgment of the dedication of the Sentra team to produce the finest quality in printed material.

The fact that the awards were for a range of the printing processes reiterates Sentra Print’s dedication to a full in house ability to control and maintain maximum quality control throughout.

Process Winner &

Gold Award Winner

Specialty Finishing

SMP Solutions presented us with a
project which instantly stood out as
requiring maximum attention to detail,
and production confidence to obtain a
result the job richly deserved.

The Gold Awards were testament to the teams dedication to achieving that end result.

Judges said, “Very clever prepress and beautiful print – a wonderful product with many finishing elements that were well executed.”

The logistical challenges of offset printing on
Coaster board and achieving the highest quality
of print production is legendary in the industry.

Ergo Asia were confident that the Sentra team were
up to that challenge and they did not disappoint.
Sentra Print are very proud of the results and the
Gold Medal Award won for their efforts.

Gold Award Winner

Promotional Print

Highly Commended Specialty Products – Personal Stationery

In an era of high technology and mechanisation,
the ability to produce traditional products that
require the expertise of experience is never reflected
more vividly than in the production of personal stationery. The Sentra team was pleasantly surprised to be acknowledged as showing that expertise is still
alive in the industry.

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